Spring Already?

I had a great summer last year and got out on my mountain bike almost every day.  I was in great shape coming into the winter, however in winters past I had trouble maintaining my riding stamina.  I needed a plan!   My wife suggested we get a spinner bike; she said, “It’s just like riding a regular bike”.  “That’s great”  I said, “I’ll be able to maintain a riding regimen through winter”. The first two weeks went fantastic, I was ecstatic, trying to convince everyone I knew that they should do the same thing.  Week three: I missed a day, but I was still good.  Week four: I missed two days.  I told myself I couldn’t become that person that gets a piece of work out equipment, never use it, and eventually donate it to Goodwill.  So I charged back; putting in huge rides and really pushing myself.  Then the inevitable happened, I got sick (kids bring home about every disease imaginable).  I couldn’t possibly work out today; I wouldn’t want to get sicker I told myself.  I’ll start up again in a few days….  Day’s turned to weeks and, of course, weeks turned into months; now spring is around the corner and I haven’t been on the bike in months. These next few weeks getting back into shape should prove to be pretty painful, I suspect.  Next winter will be different, right?


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