It has a bath tub?

The weather when camping can be somewhat unpredictable sometimes. When you’re deep in the mountains, sometimes you don’t even see a storm coming until it’s on your head. I was out Glamping/camping with a good buddy the other day and noticed some differences in our gear we set up. I take my equipment very seriously and pick out each piece of gear with care; He, on the other hand, bought the cheapest gear he could find without doing any real research on what he was buying. My buddy also wanted to camp in comfort, so a huge blow-up mattress, complete with air compressor, was the obvious choice. The first night, it started to sprinkle, so we decided to call it an early night and made our way into our own tents. I popped in my ear plugs and went fast asleep. The next morning I crawled out of my tent, ready to take on the new day, and it looked like World War III had taken place at our camp site. Trenches were dug out everywhere and debris as well as our stuff was strung all over the place. When I looked inside my buddies car I saw him and his wife curled up in the front seat. They eventually woke up, to tell me that apparently we had set up camp right in a gully during a torrential downpour. He said water steamed through their tent for most of the night. They actually started floating on the water with their mattress in their tent. They tried to divert the water by digging trenches eventually giving up and crawled into their truck. He told me he thought we would be in the same predicament because the water ran around my tent, too. However, everything in our tent stayed bone dry. Well, I guess the moral of the story is that there’s more to these tents then just a brand name. The North Face tent I used has a bath tub bottom. It’s a super water proof layer that extends underneath the tent and up the walls a few inches for the exact situation we experienced. The fact that it probably has ten times the water proofing of a cheaper tent, shows it doesn’t always pay to skimp.


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