Free Adventure Medical Day Tripper Medical Kit

Free Adventure Medical Day Tripper Medical Kit

When you purchase a Women’s or Men’s RTD Rain Jacket, you receive a free medical kit.  Supplies are limited, and as soon as the last kit’s out the door, this offer is gone.

Do not hesitate!  Do not wait!  Go to now and check out The North Face RDT Women’s or Men’s Rain Jacket.  With FlashDry technology, this jacket keeps you dry in the harshest rains.  The first drop of rain to hit your jacket is barely audible to you, but to FlashDry it’s the sound of the starting gun at the track.  FlashDry sprints to eliminate moisture attempting to cling to your skin and hastens the evaporation process.  It could rain on you.  It could pour on you.  And you wouldn’t know it.  It’s like being encased in an umbrella, only better.  Leave the umbrella in your closet and upgrade to the RDT Rain Jacket.  Like magic, the RDT Rain Jacket keeps you dry without causing you to feel all sticky and clammy like most rainwear.

Still not convinced?  All right, how about this: we all love cool gadgets.  Like the laundry basket that folded in on itself in college, the spork that eliminated the amount of dishes to be washed, and all the inventions you continue to add to your bucket list.  But, what about the hooded jacket that fits inside its own pocket?  The RDT Rain Jacket’s outer layer can do that!

Why are you still reading this?  What are you waiting for?  Go get your umbrella replacement!


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