School’s Out (for summer)!

It’s not so much the sunshine and warm weather that signals summer, as the rising gas prices and tourists clogging the highways.  With schools opening their doors, soon to release their prisoners with Alice Cooper blasting in the background, many people are asking: What about the water levels?  The past summer and this winter’s snowfall haven’t instilled much hope for class IV and V rapids.  Locals speculate low CFS until–

Wow!  Snow in May.  Now, the kayaking and rafting seasons aren’t looking  so dismal.  Families are booking boating trips and local papers are heralding better water levels than last year, and only a little below average.  No one can agree exactly how far below average, but best estimates are about 25% shy of normal for the valley.  A perfect summer.  Time to rock the awesome swimwear, whether it’s board shorts, bikinis, or swim trunks, pull ’em out, dust ’em off, and get your tan on.

Once you’ve given the waters some time to digest the snow melt and calm their rages grab the canoe and take a float trip.  Invest in a comfy chair, because the ole 2×4 across the canoe is a little hard.  Not to mention when the biggest fish you ever saw bites your hook and while reeling it in your makeshift seat vanishes.  Seriously.  Vanishes! (Of course you did not knock it into the bottom of the boat in your excitement, no matter what anyone else says.)  The fish escapes leaving you flailing in the water with an aching tailbone and your buddies laughing so hard they can’t get you back into the boat.  Don’t make that mistake again.  No, you don’t need new friends, just a Crazy Creek chair.


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