With your Aviator’s or Wayfarer’s on you see the world in a softer light.  Worn by celebrities and cherished by collectors, the unique shapes and themes offered by Ray-Ban since 1937 inspire confidence to live on the edge of the world, the only place where dreams play out.  Originally designed for pilots Ray-Ban quickly expanded into Hollywood.  From Breakfast at Tiffany’s to The Blues Brothers and Men in Black Ray-Ban cruises California with the best of them, including Tom in Risky Business and Top Gun.  The Original Wayfarer saw the inside of the White House with JFK, making them presidential and cool.

New Wayfarer’s flaunt softer, more circular edges in different color options, allowing for prescription or polarized lenses.   The Aviator, the beginning, the founder, the style that started it all, comes in polarized lenses and also welcomes prescriptions into the teardrop look.  No matter where you go or what you find yourself doing Ray-Ban awaits to shade your eyes and make your venture into the world more bearable.


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