Proper Footwear

No matter the adventure you want appropriate footwear.  There’s nothing more uncomfortable than wearing sneakers boating, cowboy boots hiking, or work shoes running.

Skechers offers comfortable training sneakers with Memory Foam.  Talk about heavenly.  Their running shoes come with great traction and breathable mesh.  Channel your inner ballerina and wear a pair of Skechers’ flats.  They’re super cute and a great after work shoe.  For men, try a casual shoe with circular sensors on the sole for flexibility and a cushioned insole for a better experience.  Not to mention, the styles and colors are darn handsome.

New Balance uses pretty sweet technology in their designs for their Minimus series, a great line of shoes that can be worn without socks.  The drop from heel to toe is one-third that of normal shoes to help your gait.  The Minimus family includes hiking shoes, trainers, water-shoes, and so much magic.

The North Face offers great boating shoes for kids who move from the trail to the water in as many seconds as it takes for the clouds to reveal the sun.  Silence the complaints of wet shoes and soggy socks with lightweight, amphibious slip-ons.  The North Face is also unbeatable when it comes to warm feet in below zero temperatures.  Sturdy with a fleece lining these boots have superb traction.  The hot styles for men and women will turn any Saturday outfit into a knockout!

Adidas offers trendy, quick-drying footwear for the individual wanting to be prepared for any adventure, whether it calls for a pair of red, green, yellow, grey, blue, or black shoes.

And, of course, no shoe list is complete without DC.  DC Shoes don’t even need an explanation.  Just try a pair and you’ll see why.

Stay adventurous, explore on, and for goodness sake, wear the right footwear!

FootwearImage at RockyMountainTrail.Com.


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