Better Biking

Whether it’s a green lane, a cycle track, a bike lane, or some other hip name I have yet to learn these paths for cyclists are…well…AWESOME!  I don’t have to worry about cars behind me squeezing around me while oncoming traffic zooms by.  I think I hold my breath every time that happens, and believe me even if there’s only six inches of space between the white line and the edge of the road, I’m in it.  I may fall off into the ditch occasionally, but at least my handle bar isn’t giving the side mirror of some car a high five.

Apparently, others are dealing with the same frustrations because something is being done about the lack of paths for bicyclists.  The Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act funds programs that involve transportation so that communities can build bicycle paths.  This act was signed a little over a year ago by the President.  $82 billion of the federal funding for 2013 and 2014 will go to road, bridge, bicycling, and walking paths.

Whether you bike to school, work, or the nearest shopping center, here’s some insight into how good of a workout biking can be, because, come on, being outdoors is so much better than being in a packed, smelly gym.  (Here’s a tip: it’s better to pedal more frequently in a lower gear than less often in a higher gear.)  Many factors go into calculating how many calories a person can burn during an hour of cycling, so all I can give are generalizations.  Generally, individuals burn around 40 calories per mile on a bike compared to about 80 calories per mile on a walk.  (1 pound equals about 3, 500 calories.)  Plus, everyone always says exercise reduces stress, but don’t just exercise to lose weight.  Exercise to stay healthy and be active.  Go for a bike ride for the simple pleasure of being outdoors and exploring trails.  Remember to enjoy the scenery around you and feel good about yourself.


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