Olympics Update

All right, time for an Olympics update.  It is now, 168 days until opening day.  Are you excited?  I just saw the medals and if I were an athlete I would be super psyched about getting my hands on one of those.  They’re pretty sweet and detailed.  Apparently, I could have seen these medals back in May, but it takes me a few months to catch on.  They highlight the Russian Federation cultures through a quilt design.  The medals aren’t solid, but have cutout pieces around the quilt.  Super cool!  98 medals will be awarded to hard-working athletes dedicated to their respective sport.  Sochi has added more competitions to the winter games, setting an Olympic record.  There will be 12 new events that were not at Vancouver in 2010, and 9 of the games will involve skiing.  Women will appreciate this next update.  For the first time ever, women will be allowed to compete in ski jumping!  Women’s ski jumping will take place Tuesday the 11th.  For all of you riders out there, there will now be four freestyle skiing events and four freestyle snowboarding events, so eight total!

Here’s a breakdown of the sports and their venues:

Coastal Cluster (29 medals):

Ice Hockey

Speed Skating

Short Track Speed Skating

Figure Skating


Mountain Cluster (69 medals):

Ski Jumping

Nordic Combined


Cross-Country Skiing

Alpine Skiing

Freestyle Skiing



Bobsleigh Skeleton



Here is a link to the schedule: http://sochi2014.blob.core.windows.net/storage/games/schedule_sochi_en.pdf


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