How to Clean your Hydration Pack

First, remove the reservoir.  If you have a reservoir with a large opening so that you can fit your hand inside to clean it, awesome!  Hopefully, your hydration pack came with a reservoir cleaning kit.  If not, purchase one.  You’ll want to use the brush from the cleaning kit to scrub your reservoir.  Clean your reservoir with warm, soapy water.  Never use boiling water and never use bleach.  If you prefer, use a cleaning tablet.  It usually takes about five minutes for the tablet to dissolve in warm water.  Once the tablet has dissolved shake the reservoir, and then dump the water and flush the reservoir with clean water.  Remove the delivery/drink tube from the reservoir and bite valve before cleaning it with another brush that should be in the cleaning kit.  (If the tube is really disgusting you can replace it.)  It’s also a good idea to have a bite valve cover to keep your valve protected, and clean.  After cleaning your reservoir hang it upside down to let it dry.  Some reservoirs come with a hidden drier arm to hang it from.  If you use your hydration pack frequently roll up your dry reservoir and store it in the freezer so nothing grows in it.

If you need a hydration pack, check out our selection of packs from Osprey and CamelBak.  Along with packs we sell reservoirs, reservoir cleaning kits, replacement drink tubes, bite valve covers, and more accessories.


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