If you liked Primaloft, you will love Thermoball, the synthetic alternative to down!  It is pretty much a down that continues to function when wet, which means that it will never lose its loft because it doesn’t soak in moisture.  Compared to down Thermoball is equivalent to 600 fill.  Thermoball is super lightweight, but still super warm.  It has clusters that trap heat in little air pockets.  The warmth to weight ratio is about the same as down.  Thermoball outerwear comes in full zip jackets, hoodies, and vests.  Depending on which you prefer the product will weigh somewhere between seven and fourteen ounces.  It comes in a multitude of colors with The North Face logo on the back and front.  It has an internal hem draw cord and packs into its pocket until it is about the size of a pencil bag.  Thermoball is a product for any condition and any location, meaning everyone needs to try out Thermoball!


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