Marmot Tents

If you’re going to purchase a sleeping bag, you’ll need a tent to go with it.  Even if you’re a hammock kind of person, there are those nights when it’s raining and the wind is blowing, and it sure is nice to have a tent.  Since the theme of the month is Marmot, let’s discuss their tents.  Depending on what kind of camping you do, you’ll need to find a tent that suits your needs.  Marmot designs tents for family camping, backpacking, climbing, expeditions, etc.  A lot of their tents come with footprints and gear lofts.  For some, the gear loft is something that will be shoved into the back of an out of the way closet never to be seen again.  For others it’s what holds the flashlight, or glow stick, or whatever you use to light your tent to keep your kids from freaking out at night.  The footprint though is a little different.  If you choose a tent that doesn’t come with one, buy one.  It will help protect your tent and keep the bottom of your tent from getting wet.  Even if no rain is in the forecast condensation can still build up on the bottom of your tent, and when it comes time to pack everything away it’s easier to dry out a footprint than an entire tent.  Marmot designs its tents so that the floor of the tent curls up the tent walls about two inches, so that if you find yourself in a downpour you’ll stay dry inside your tent.

I have a Limelight tent with a vestibule to protect my gear from the elements.  The poles practically snap together without my assistance and are connected in the middle where they cross to form an x, so that I can set the tent up by myself.  The zippers are jingle free so they don’t keep me up at night and the rain fly is easy to throw over the tent and snap to the connecting buckles in bad weather.  All together the tent weighs about five pounds.  Stakes are included and the tent comes in a nice case, that everything will actually fit inside of, and a tag is attached to the inside explaining how to erect the tent if you need help.

To browse our selection of Marmot and other name brand tents click here:


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