Backpacking Packs

So you have your sleeping bag and your tent, and now you need a backpack to carry everything.  With so many brands and so many options, which do you choose?  I can’t tell you that.  Ultimately, you have to decide which pack fits your needs best and make a decision.  What I can do is point out some of the coolest features.  For example, most Osprey packs come with hip belt pockets and a tensioned, mesh back panel  to allow air to flow freely between your pack and your back to keep you from sweating profusely and soaking your shirt.  Lowe Alpine, on the other hand, designed a TFX, Torso Fit Expedition, adjustable back system individualized for every backpacker.  With lots of padding on not only the back panel, but the wide hip belt as well, these packs are comfortable for long backpacking trips.  Also, Lowe Alpine pack lids extend to allow about twenty more liters of space.  Not to be out-designed, Gregory created the Kinetic FTS foam back panel for a better fit and more comfortable movement.  Not to mention the hip belt has aluminum in it to help lift the pack and ease discomfort.  If you prefer an external frame backpack, Kelty would be your go to.  Kelty makes some pretty sweet external frames, and I’ve seen people strap skillets, sleeping pads, and other gear to the outside of these sturdy packs.  Also, Kelty is well-known among Boy Scouts for their backpacking packs.  This is a small sampling of what’s out there, but I leave it to you to dig deep and find your perfect soul mate.

Here’s a peek at what we offer:


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