TNF Footwear

This past summer and fall, what we’ve seen of it so far, I have put a pair of The North Face hiking shoes to the test.  From cold climates to warm climates, and from wet climates to dry climates I stretch the limits of what an ordinary shoe can withstand.  Good thing The North Face designs extraordinary footwear.  Gore-Tex waterproofing ensures my socks don’t get soaked when I splash through a creek or trek in a downpour.  (And let me tell you, if you’re in a canyon when it rains it’s like standing in the middle of a waterfall.)  When it’s hot out and my feet sweat, pores in the Gore-Tex coating allow the perspiration to travel outside my shoe.  It is a very nice, comprehensive technology.  As if one awesome technology isn’t enough, TNF found a way to fit in Cradle technology as well.  This cushioning for your heel helps stabilize your footfalls for proper footing, which is nice to have on any terrain.  To top it all off, The North Face uses a Vibram outsole for superb traction.  And if you do a lot of hiking on slick surfaces this is a necessity.  The North Face also designs hiking boots if you have a tendency to roll your ankle or if you just prefer that extra support because you hike in rocky areas.  Whatever style you choose it is a great investment!

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2 thoughts on “TNF Footwear

    1. Thank you for your feedback! I have only had my pair of hiking shoes for a season, so I’ll have to reevaluate after next year and see how they are holding up. Mine is a Hedgehog GTX that was designed with more of a rounded toe, which is really great because the shoes I owned before The North Face kept giving me blisters. I’ve heard some people say that The North Face shoes can run a little hot and their feet would sweat, but where I do a lot of hiking in Colorado they work great. My pair is an older version and sometimes when The North Face redesigns their footwear there’s a mixed reaction, some people love the updates and others hate the updates and don’t feel that they stand up to the older version. So, depending on what kind of hiking you do and what kind of shoe you need The North Face may not be the route to take. You may want to try Adidas, Columbia, or another brand.

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