Making Travel Fun Again

The holiday season is almost upon us and many will be travelling during this hectic time.  The last thing you need is a bag that doesn’t meet carry-on regulations, an old suitcase that’s falling apart, or a duffle that’s so small you continually catch clothes in the zipper.  (If nothing is wrong with your current luggage, feel free to use one of the above examples, or create your own, to use as an excuse to go shopping.)  Depending on how much vacation time you have, your trip could be anywhere from a couple of days to a couple of weeks.  Depending on the duration, you’ll need to purchase the proper bag in the proper size.  Also, depending on personal preference you may want a bag with wheels.  Looking at it another way, if you buy a bag with a shoulder strap and no wheels you’ll kick the habit you have to continually over-pack.

DaKine offers duffle bags and carry-on rollers in great colors.  Something DaKine prides itself on is designing new, trendy colors.  (I own an EQ duffle bag and it is quite nice.  The shoulder strap is comfortably padded and the opening is rounded with easy access to all corners of the bag.  There is also a smaller side pocket, perfect for toiletries.  Both ends of the bag have carry handles for added convenience.)  If you know that you’ll be doing some skiing or snowboarding over the holidays, DaKine also offers ski and boot bags.  Try a DaKine pack this winter and be ready to shred with a vertical snowboard carry, a place to pack your shovel, and a fleece-lined goggle pocket.

From wheeled bags with backpack straps and wheeled backpacks with removable daypacks, High Sierra pulls out all of the stops.  And if you’re planning on hitting the slopes High Sierra offers wheeled duffle bags and wheeled boot bags.  They also offer wheeled carry-on bags geared more toward business trips with laptop compartments and lots of organization.  High density foam, built into the bag, ensures that the bag maintains its shape no matter how roughly it’s handled.  A zippered panel divides the main compartment from the front compartment, and interior straps keep clothing in its place.

So this year, to make the traveling more enjoyable, don’t break your back.  Choose to travel in style and comfort with these and other trusted brands.


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