Headlamps: Are They Worth It?

My old answer: no.

My new answer: yes.

Hands free lighting?  It’s as awesome as sliced bread.  On backpacking trips, unforeseen circumstances can occur and you may end up assembling a tent in the dark.  At times like these it’s nice not having to fiddle around with a flashlight while simultaneously trying to lay your rainfly, assemble your poles, and drive in your stakes.  Plus, if you and your buddies are stargazing, and then try to find where you left your tent later that night it’s nice to just switch on a headlamp and get to it.  In my backpacking group I was the only person without a headlamp, and was told numerous times to invest in one.  I have to agree.  It will cut my camp setup time in half when it’s dark, and I won’t trip over so many roots and rocks.

It’s shopping heaven with choices from brands like Black Diamond, Petzl, and Princeton Tec.


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