Just because the ground is covered with a foot or more of snow doesn’t mean you’re stuck indoors.  There is always a way to get outside and exercise.  Snowshoeing is one of the fastest growing and inexpensive snow sports.  When you go to choose a pair of snowshoes choose based on what you plan to do.  If you are just starting out and plan to keep it simple buy a pair of snowshoes that are made for packed snow conditions.  These types of snowshoes are usually a little less expensive, but are still just as comfortable as the sleeker designs.  For example the FLEX ESC from Tubbs would be a good choice.  But if you’re a little more experienced and plan to make steep climbs and possibly backpack you’ll want a stronger pair of snowshoes.  For example the Mountaineer Snowshoe from Tubbs is great if you want to forge your own path.  Now, if you’re an experienced snowshoer and plan to race, then go with Atlas.  Atlas makes lightweight aluminum snowshoes built for running like the Snow Run and Snow Race snowshoes.  Wear waterproof shoes.  And it goes without saying that cotton is the enemy, so wear wool socks.  If you’ll be in deep snow wear gaiters.  It’s cold out there, so dress in layers.  You’ll be moving around so you’ll heat up fast and with layers you’ll have the ability to take layers off or put layers on as needed.  The baselayer will stay on all day so this first layer should be either wool or synthetic.  Be sure to keep your head warm with some kind of hat.  And don’t forget your sunglasses.  Even if it’s cloudy out when you start pack a pair in your daypack just in case.

For snowshoes I recommend Atlas or Tubbs.  Both offer kits, which include snowshoes, poles, and gaiters or a tote.


For more information on layering:

Ehrlich, Ted. “TRAIL TIP: Secrets to Staying Warm in the Winter.” TrailGroove, Issue 11


For more information on snowshoeing:

Snowshoe Magazine


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