Kelty TraiLogic

Taking the family on a camping trip this summer, but don’t have the gear?  Kelty’s TraiLogic Collection has you covered, and all for around $800.  Included in the TraiLogic Collection are a pack, tent, sleeping bag, and sleeping pad.  You can purchase them all together or separately as needed.  The pack won 2013 Outside Gear of the Show.  It is a 35-liter pack with an additional 15-liter detachable compartment that works perfectly for clothes that you can take inside the tent while leaving the 35L pack outside.  The pack has a sleeping bag compartment, an adjustable sternum strap, an adjustable hip belt, a rain cover, and side compression pockets.  The roll-top closure provides compression unlike drawstring top-closures where the extra material just flops about.  The tent won Backpacker Editor’s Choice 2014.  It has 14″ poles so that it packs into a cube shape and doesn’t take up as much space in the pack, but if you already have a tent with longer poles the poles fit great in the side compression pockets of the pack.  The tent comes with a stargazing fly that rolls down with ease when it starts raining.  Assembling the tent is easy with the color coded clip construction and snap-clip technology.  If you don’t need a 3-person tent you can always opt for the 2-person tent and get all snugly.  The DriDown sleeping bag stays dry longer, dries faster, and lofts better than regular down.  With 800-fill power, a top draft collar, and waterproof treatment at the foot and hood you’ll stay warm throughout the entire night.  The sleeping pad is shaped like the human form to cut down on weight, is self-inflating, and comes with a repair kit.  The bio-mapped die-cut foam ensures you’re not only comfortable, but warm.

Kelty TraiLogic


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