Sierra Designs Sleeping Gear

Sierra Designs is popping out some new sleeping gear and it’s epic. We’ve all heard of the mummy-style and the rectangular-style sleeping bag, so we’ll bypass those and skip right to the bed-style and the garment-style. That’s right: bed-style, as in no zippers whatsoever on this bag. Normally, you’re confined in your bag on how you can lay, but with the bed-style there’s a bedspread feature that allows you to sprawl out like you’re on your water bed or sleep number. Shaped like a mummy with a comforter that folds down so you can slip into and out of your bag with ease. The comforter goes about midway down the bag and wraps around you if you like a good tuck in. There are also insulated arm and hand pockets so you stay warmer. Winner of the 2014 Editor’s Choice from Backpacker Magazine and Climbing Magazine the 2-season or 3-season Backcountry Bed weighs around 3-pounds and runs anywhere from $250-$450.


The garment-style bag, the Mobile Mummy, is pretty much a sophisticated snuggie.   If you don’t want to have to pack that down jacket that you only wear when you’re chilling around the campfire with your friends, all you need to do is wear your sleeping bag. It has arm holes, a hood, and a foot box that you can tuck away so you can walk around. And if you get hot at night just pull your feet out of the kick box and hope that you’re the only person in your tent to smell your stinky feet. Buy a 2-season or 3-season bag for around $350-$450. Mummy shaped with a zipper down the front you’re sure to rock the fashion show!


To top it all off you can use the DriDown Pillow for a better night’s sleep. You can use the provided insert for ultimate comfort, or use spare clothes, so you can save on weight on your backpacking trip. Plus, recycling is all the rage so your clothes will appreciate the added function.


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