The End of Summer but NOT the End of Fun

We have one month left to enjoy summer. For many, school is back in session or will be in the coming weeks. This doesn’t mean that hiking, fishing, and other outdoor activities must be abandoned. The weekend warrior thrives in a time crunch. If you have kids, take them out to the nearest lake or trail and if you’re feeling brave enough camp overnight Saturday. It’s the beginning of the school year and kids shouldn’t have that much homework yet.

If you don’t have kids now is the perfect time to take a week off from work and take that backpacking trip you’ve been talking about for the past three months. The summertime crowds are gone and you won’t have to share the trails with so many others.  Most summertime construction projects will be completed and you shouldn’t have so many delays if you’re driving along the highways. And if you’re going to a National Park you’ll have more luck getting a camping spot.  Make sure to pack appropriately. You’ll have cooler temperatures come late September.


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