College Football

From tradition to superstition it comes as no surprise that college football brings out both the best and the dumbest in us all. Some of the most loyal fans originate from the University of Texas, Georgia, Ohio State, Penn State, Michigan, Alabama, Auburn, and Florida. So it comes as no surprise that some of the most anticipated rivalry games this season will be between Alabama and Auburn, Michigan and Ohio, and Florida and Georgia. To get in the spirit before the game some of the best tailgating schools are Florida, Michigan, Georgia, Penn State, Alabama, Ohio State, Auburn, and Texas. On a whole other level is the World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party in Jacksonville. Inside the various stadiums you may be overwhelmed by a sea of red, flying toast, the war chant, hook ‘em horns, the 5th quarter, and the 12th man. It’s fair to say that to step into the world of college football is to depart from the modern world. To help prepare you for the world of face-painting, barbequing, drinking games, and those things that must never be named here are a few necessities:

Coolers (plural), chairs, tables, cots, and much more from brands like Big Agnes and Kelty.

On a more serious note: Will Florida State be in the final four? Check out Phil Steele’s 20th Anniversary College Football Preview.


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