Mine.  Mine.  Mine.  No, not that Nemo.  NEMO Equipment.  It’s camping gear.  It doesn’t go in an aquarium.  Headquartered in New Hampshire the company started out with a focus on functional, lightweight tents and then went a step further by extending their focus to include  sleeping pads and eventually sleeping bags.  Their most recent achievement comes in the form of the Sonic down sleeping bag, which won 2015 Backpacker Editor’s Choice.

Let’s take a closer look at the selection we’ll be offering this spring.

First off, the Dagger and Galaxi two person tents with two doors and two vestibules offers an easier entry and exit with an overhead light pocket that uses special fabrics to diffuse the light for an even glow throughout the entire tent.

The Bugout, a tarp shade with a drop down bug screen fits over a hammock.  It also works great to keep the insects away in the backyard when you want to have a family picnic or at festivals or wherever needed.  With two doors residents are able to move around freely without fearing they’ll let bugs in.

The Cosmo series is both insulated and not, depending on your sleeping pad needs and the temperatures you’ll be sleeping in.  With an integrated foot pump and pillow it has the simplest setup possible.  (And I’ll vouch for the Cosmo Insulated 20R.  Using the foot pump in a tent is a little difficult because I can’t stand in my tent so I practice CPR on my sleeping pad, but hey I’m not out of breath like some people who have to blow up their pads.  The pillow baffle isn’t enough to actually moonlight as a pillow.  I still have to fold a jacket under my head, but I don’t push my jacket off in the middle of the night.  The pad also works great for family functions when I sleep on the floor because all of the spare bedrooms are taken.  And in those cases I can use the foot pump!)  If you do prefer an air inflatable pad grab a member of the Astro series.  And if you’re a minimalist the Zor is NEMO’s lightest self-inflating foam pad.

And who could forget the sleeping bag?  The Nocturne sleeping bag won Backpacker Editor’s Choice in 2013 with its spoon shape design so side sleepers don’t get caught up like they would in a traditional mummy bag.  With DownTek (water repellent down) sleepers are better protected from the elements.  The synthetic spoon design, the Verve, also offers superb comfort with the comforter pullout at the neck for a more homey feel.  If the mummy style bag isn’t for you and the rectangular shape is, then you’re in luck!  The Mezzo Loft series was designed with you in mind.  And for those who wish to get super cozy the Mambo Duo is ultralight with the weight and pack size of a single sleeping bag.

So you have the tent, the sleeping pad, the sleeping bag and…what’s missing?  Oh yeah!  A pillow.  Not everyone enjoys using a jacket and some just don’t have a jacket to spare so Fillo to the rescue.  Fillo is a memory foam pillow with an integrated stuff sack.  Plus it comes in four different colors.  And the larger luxury pillow for the glamper comes in two different colors.

What more could you need?  A shower you say.  No problem!  The Helio pressure shower sets NEMO apart from other outdoor brands.  It doesn’t have to be hung and still provides about six minutes of steady pressure using a foot pump.  You can also accessorize your shower with a mat to keep floors and your feet clean.

And that is the grand tour.  You should try NEMO Equipment out for yourself:


“NEMO is founded on a commitment to adventure, to the fearless pursuit of uncharted paths…adventure gives us purpose and perspective.  It makes us humble and proud…meaningful adventures are possible for anyone, anywhere…if you bring the will, the imagination, and the right gear.”


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