It’s hard to find a great pair of bottoms that fit right, don’t tear, dry quickly, and look good.  Normally, when hiking, I wear athletic shorts, but that’s not always ideal in the spring and fall, and even in the summer at 14,000 feet with the wind blowing it’s chilly.  When I do wear longer pants they’re usually capris and cotton.  Don’t judge me.  Shopping is not my thing.  But Marmot has a smaller, relevant clothing line.  They don’t try to fluff their line with unnecessary pieces that you don’t need.  Shopping for clothing that works across multiple activities is simple. The women’s Lobo’s pant has a boot cut design and when it gets hot in the afternoons they roll into capris with a button just below the knee so they don’t fall and you don’t have to constantly readjust them.  Trendy thread pop reveals itself along the seam when you roll them up to add a little bit of flavor.  With a zippered side pocket you can easily stash any valuables.  They’re so lightweight and comfortable you forget you’re wearing pants.  And they’re warm, too.  In the spring evenings my legs don’t get cold. Durability is a huge factor for me and these pants didn’t disappoint.  When my friend’s dog jumped up on me her paws didn’t snag my pants.  When I was sliding down rocks my pants didn’t tear.  And when I was maneuvering through shrubs and trees the thorns and branches didn’t rip my pants. I wore them for three days straight on my last backpacking trip, even sleeping in them and they didn’t wrinkle.  With their great stretch they move when I do.  Totally worth the $70!  And they dry quickly so when those afternoon showers come in or the dew from tree branches rubs off you’re set. Lobo’s is offered in three colors: desert khaki, dark steel, and cinder.  I personally went for the dark steel and love them.  At 5’7″ and 130lbs size 6 fits fantastically.  They weren’t too short, but they didn’t drag the ground either, and I didn’t need a belt.  From the trail to town you can totally dress these pants up.  They’re that diverse.  If you’re like me then shopping for hiking pants is a huge ordeal so skip the stress and order a pair of Lobo’s  You won’t regret it.  And no worries.  They’re super easy to wash and they don’t shrink during wash.  Wash in cold water using powdered detergent and no softener.  Technically you can tumble dry low, but I just air dry them.  They’re quick drying anyway so it doesn’t take long.


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