1.Build a ring of rocks to contain your fire.

2. Find some grass.

3. Find small sticks.

4. Find larger sticks and logs.

(Feels a little like Easter doesn’t it?)

5. Build a teepee with the small sticks.

6. Place the grass flat on the ground through the breaks in the teepee so it makes a carpet of sorts, but keep some grass for later.

7. Take the grass you set aside for later and light the end on fire.  Now light the grass under the teepee.  (Using the grass as a sort of longer match keeps you from burning yourself so easily.  Ladies, nail polish is flammable.)

8. Repeat step 7 as necessary, collecting more grass as needed until the small sticks catch fire.  (If the grass isn’t doing the trick try toilet paper.)

9. Once the small sticks are blazing throw on bigger sticks until you have a good campfire, and then add wood as long as needed so you stay warm during the night and in the morning.

Warning: You may smell like smoke at the end of your camping trip.

Cooking tip: Everything tastes better with a little ash.  Especially, marshmallows.


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