Plaid vs. Flannel – It’s on this Fall


Fall is upon us. It’s already peaking through here in the Rockies. Last weekend I started spying drops of gold among the aspens, and before we know it, Fall will be in full swing. I’m ready for the crisp, cool evenings by the fire pit, but I just realized my wardrobe is not.

What am I missing? Flannel. I have the sheets, I have the pajamas, but what about my every day/evening wear? Plaid button-ups fill my closet, so I should be good with flannel button-ups, right? Wrong. Even though plaid takes up every square inch of my hanger space, that doesn’t mean it’s flannel.

So what makes “plaid” plaid and “flannel” flannel?

It’s simple. P is for plaid and P is for pattern. F is for flannel and F is for functional material.

Flannel was originally made purely of wool, but gradually became a mixture of great materials like silk, cotton, and other synthetics. Flannel shirts can come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and patterns. Plaid and flannel are commonly used interchangeably causing the belief that both are patterns. Typically, we see plaid used in button-up shirts, and to make a shirt softer, warmer, and more durable for use in the outdoors, the plaid button-ups are made with flannel material.

I’ve picked-out my favorite flannel shirts and listed them below. You can also browse all of our flannel here:


The Men’s Marmot Hobson Flannel Button-up is an example of solid flannel. Soft, warm, cozy, and just perfect. SHOP NOW >
womens fjord
The Women’s Patagonia Fjord is seriously soft, seriously. I love the fit and comfort it gives me all day, whether at work, camping, or on the slopes. SHOP NOW >
MH Trekkin
Mountain Hardwear is hard to beat when they created a high-tech flannel with quick-drying and moisture-wicking properties that you find in most technical baselayers! SHOP NOW >



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