That is the question.

Last weekend (before it turned cold and snowy), a friend and I set out on a 14 mile hike around Buffalo Mountain in Summit County, Colorado. Not sure what shoes would be best, I decided lightweight, trail running shoes instead of my bulky hiking boots that I’m sure would cause blisters all around my ankles.

I was out hiking in another pair of trail running shoes about a month ago at Ice Lake near Durango, and these two men, who were both in their 80s, laughed at my shoes. They thought I needed what they call “real hiking shoes.” They might be right in some cases (still not 100% sure which cases those would be),  but I still stuck with the trail running shoes for Buffalo Mountain.

Normally, I would never suggest getting a new pair of shoes and heading straight for the trail before breaking them in a bit, but I went against my own judgement and set-out on our hike in a brand new pair of Salomon XR Missions.

My first surprise was the unique lacing systems. If you are a cyclist like me, you can compare the lacing to the BOA system, except they stay tighter, for longer (which was always my complaint for my cycling shoes), and the Salomon’s do not use a dial, just a simple cinch.

Next on my list of surprises was the amount of grip on the rocks. I was so used to trail running in my old shoes, and never new any other soles could be more grippy than those! My new soles use Salomon’s Contagrip HA, which uses a combination of different rubber to work best on any surface.

The last and most crazy surprise of them all?! After a 14 mile hike (traversing steep sides of the mountain for many of the miles because we may or may not have gotten lost), I had no blisters! Now, obviously to each his own. I’m sure that all depends on the shape of your foot, but for me, the women’s fit of the Salomon XR Missions are definitely a go-to from now on.

One iconic Salomon shoe to check-out for sure are the Salomon Speedcross Series. Those are some serious trail running monsters. I did not get a chance to test these out, but my hiking friend has just got her first pair and plans to test and review them for me!

What are your favorite trail running shoes? Have you tried Salomon? Thoughts…?



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