Avalanche Safety Week

red-crossAs skiers and snowboarders, we’re always looking for new places to ski, the deepest pow, or new challenges. These all come with inherent risks though. When we venture off of the resort and into the backcountry, the risk of avalanche is exponentially greater. Hence, Avalanche Safety Week.

Outdoor Research has collaborated, once again, with their long time partners from American Mountain Guides Association (AMGA) to create an 8 Part Video Series featuring backcountry skiing safety and techniques to raise awareness and reduce the risks associated with traveling in the backcountry. The videos are being released weekly on AMGA’s website, beginning today. Watch Part 1 out of 8 below:

Not only do we as skiers and snowboarders want to push our limits skiing off the resorts in the states, we also dream of cream puff skiing abroad. Many of these remote destinations do not have Avalanche Forecasting Centers, so you will have to learn to build your own avalanche forecast. Teton Gravity Research discussed snowpack with AIARE Program Director, Ben Pritchett. Read his tips and suggestions here.


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